An Efficient Gripping System Thanks to the Vacuum

The system designed by COVAL adapts to any collaborative robot, for all pick-up and lifting operations applications. Lightness, compactness and versatility are its main features, which offer a safe and effective gripping system.

by Michela Zanardo

As their name implies, the role of collaborative robots is to collaborate with operators. The objective is to enhance versatility, eliminate repetitive tasks, prevent MSDs and boost productivity. However, to realize their full potential, these cobots need efficient tools. To meet this challenge, COVAL is launching a range of gripping tools.

Solution for who seeks versatility
The first product to be introduced is the CVGC carbon vacuum gripper, a plug and play product designed 100% for various cobot models. Its design features seamlessly integrate with cobots to take advantage of their greatest strengths.
These gripping tools are light, the smallest one weighs less than 1 kg for the smallest model; this is possible thanks to a carbon fiber construction, that also conserves the cobot´s lifting capacity. Besides the lightness, the tools feature compactness: a “function” block houses the vacuum generator, control cartridge, vacuum switch and silencer.
They are quick to assemble and disassembly, without special tools, to promote the cobot´s versatility. Versatility: with a foam gripping interface suitable for a range of workpieces and available in three dimensions (150 x 150 mm, 240 x 120 mm, 320 x 160 mm).
They also guarantee operator protection via a flexible peripheral foam. Compactness, with a function block housing the vacuum generator, control cartridge, vacuum switch and silencer.
Guaranteed operators’ safety in all sectors
With this new vacuum gripper, COVAL transforms each cobot into a tool that boosts the productivity and protects the health of operators in a wide range of industries: food, packaging, plastics, etc.
Due to its immense adaptability and the capabilities of COVAL’s design department, the CVGC constitutes a tool available to all manufacturers, integrators and users of cobots for palletizing, gripping boxes or plastic parts, etc. CVGC carbon vacuum grippers are based on the expertise gained by COVAL, as a partner to integrators and manufacturers for more than 30 years, and the innovative capabilities of its in-house design team.
They fully complement the COVAL range of vacuum pumps suction cups and accessories for vacuum handling. CVGC vacuum grippers are manufactured in Montélier, France.