Addition to edge AI platform

Neousys Technology announces Nuvo-7168GC, an addition to edge AI platform from their portfolio. It supports A2 GPU and NVIDIA® RTX A2000, and it comes with rugged constructions and wide-temperature operation capabilities.

Neousys Technology announces a new addition to its edge AI platform, the Nuvo-7168GC. It supports the NVIDIA® RTX A2000 that offers up to 8TFLOPs GPU performance with longer product life longevity. As for the existing Nuvo-7166GC, a Tesla qualified server, is now one of the rare qualified embedded computers on the market to support the A2 GPU.

By putting the system through stringent tests, the NVIDIA® qualification guarantees optimum CPU, NVIDIA® A2 GPU, and system performance under wide-temperature conditions. This collaboration empowers Neousys’ edge AI platforms with a range of inference capabilities, from entry to high performances, bringing AI technologies to a variety of industries.

Low power consumption

Nuvo-7168GC and Nuvo-7166GC are compact-sized embedded computers with low power consumption. They inherit a market-proven passive cooling design, the patented Cassette module, which efficiently dissipates the heat generated to sustain maximum performance for both the CPU and GPU in high-temperature environments.

It allows the system to operate at up to 50 °C ambient without the GPU throttling, while the system as a whole can operate up to 60 °C ambient without performance degradation.

Wide-temperature operation capabilities

Equipped with an M.2 interface for ultra-fast NVMe SSD access, the systems also offer an abundance of USB 3.1 Gen2/ GbE/ PoE ports to boost overall system functionality. Nuvo-7168GC and Nuvo-7166GC come with rugged constructions and wide-temperature operation capabilities designed for harsh environments in machine vision, automation, video analytics, and medical imaging applications.

Nuvo-7168GC and Nuvo-7166GC are AI inference solutions with longer product life longevity that are perfect for edge AI machine vision applications, such as identifying defects or classifying objects.

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