A Century of Flexibility and Speed

After 100 years of activity, KIPP relentlessly continues to look at the future without ever stopping and always putting the customers’ needs at the center. Fabio Graziosi talked about what is happening in KIPP, which has been in Italy for four years, and whose products are the strong point of the company.

by Marta Bonaria

Last year KIPP celebrated an important anniversary: its first 100 years of history. Since 1919 the company has kept its tradition unaltered, while working looking to the future every day. Today, KIPP has over 400 employees in 10 locations worldwide. Mutual respect and the working environment are important, and this is obviously reflected also on customers, partners and suppliers.
Transparency, responsibility and fairness are the values of KIPP, which are the solid basis for cooperation with customers and partners. We spoke to Fabio Graziosi, Sales Director of KIPP’S Italian branch.

How does your business philosophy develop?
What is your mission?

For over a century, our mission has been to guarantee customers the highest quality and an ever better service. We design and manufacture operating parts, standard elements and clamping systems with the commitment to offer a product that embodies all high quality values.
The quality of the materials used, the care we put in the different processing stages and the attention we pay to assembly are our prerogatives; in this way, we can guarantee reliability of use and durability.
Customer assistance, flexibility and speed allows us to provide immediate responses.

Flexibility and speed of response: what do you think of these factors, which today are particularly important?
For KIPP these two factors are extremely important and part of our DNA. Without them we could not be successful. We guarantee short delivery times, reliability and immediate assistance. In fact, 98% of our products are ready in stock, so as to cover customers’ needs in the shortest possible time.
We also offer a technical and consultancy service before and after the sale, with an almost real-time response to the requests of our customers.
KIPP has been in Italy for just over four years. The quality of our products is made in Germany, our KIPP catalogs include 45,000 items sharing reliability, long life and guaranteed availability. In addition, over 2000 catalog pages (in 10 languages) and an online store in 14 languages are available.

What are the most important products today?
The stainless steel products from the NOVOnox hygienic line are intended for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging industries. KIPP offers standard components and operating elements according to Hygienic Design. They have smooth surfaces that allow for particularly easy cleaning of germs, product residues and dirt. In addition to the surfaces, the radii of the internal angles, joints and grades must also be designed so as to prevent liquids seeping in and keep them clean for a long time. With the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies washer and the special NOVOnox hygienic screw system, a 100% hygienic sealing and connection component was created for the first time.
The BIGHAND tubular handle, on the other hand, is a flexible solution, perfectly adaptable to the needs of our customers. Already in the design phase, its wide range of colors makes it an excellent choice, while in sectors requiring greater safety, the new control handles with key lock stand out.