57.600 Units a Day in 8 Working Hours

3DSOLID has been at the forefront of the design and development of highly customized solutions for the most diverse process automation needs in the food, automotive and, recently, medical industries for the past seven years. Concrete evidence of this is the production line for surgical masks which the company based in Giugliano in Campania, near Napoli, has developed in synergy with Mitsubishi Electric, adopting its fully integrated solution which guarantees productivity and reliability to the plant.

Those who depend on process automation must necessarily have an open mind accompanied by a great deal of inventiveness, lots of creativity and also a passion for technological innovation. All features which 3DSOLID does not lack and which, on the contrary, it combines with a strong ability to listen to and understand the real needs of its customers, taking a careful look at their current and future needs. This approach to the market has allowed 3DSOLID to quickly establish itself and become an important reference in the field of industrial automation and the supply of customised plants and solutions designed for the food industry, the automotive industry and, today, although this had not been planned, also the medical sector.
Established in May 2013 following the ten-year experience of its founder Luca Cecere, 3DSOLID is proud of its specialized team with high skills in the field of mechanical, electrical and industrial design, allowing it to provide a reliable and quality service in the main sectors, giving concrete and flexible answers to the most stringent requirements, as in the case of the plant for the production of surgical masks we shall discuss in this article.
3DSOLID pays particular attention to the evolution of the market and in such a complex and delicate moment as the present one, thanks to a joint design activity with Mitsubishi Electric, it has succeeded in creating an innovative machine with consolidated technology in the medical industry sector, capable of producing 120 surgical masks per minute, with undoubted advantages in terms of energy efficiency, productivity and environmental impact.

3DSOLID takes pride in its specialized team with high expertise in mechanical, electrical and industrial design.
3DSOLID takes pride in its specialized team with high expertise in mechanical, electrical and industrial design.

A partnership you can count on

Thanks to the integration of Mitsubishi Electric’s solutions in its machines, 3DSOLID is able to offer the best technology available, thus allowing high performance and ease of use through continuous innovation and uncompromising expertise. It is no coincidence that Mitsubishi Electric has been recognized for over 90 years as a world leader in providing solutions with high reliability in the field of applied robotics and process automation. This partnership has allowed the development of a technologically advanced solution, offering a strong added value as, thanks to the fully integrated Mitsubishi Electric solution, it has been possible to create an automatic system which has brought numerous production advantages and consequent cost reduction.

An integrated solution combining productivity and reliability

Productive and reliable, the 3DSOLID machines ensure maximum precision and energy savings during the welding phases thanks to the use of Mitsubishi Electric’s integrated solution. Featuring four network-controlled FR-D700 inverters, it guarantees reliability and precision in the management of the conveyor belts and the system’s main motor. The GOT GS2107 series touch screen operator panel allows an extremely intuitive and fast setting of machine parameters. Besides, the installation of three PLCs of the iQ-F compact platform is versatile in the management of the machine sequences and the three servosystems of the MR-JE-C series distributed on each line and managed through the Industrial Ethernet NetworkCC-Link IE Field Basic. Thanks to the absolute encoders fitted as standard on the servomotors, maximum positioning speed and precision to the micron is guaranteed.

A winning performance mix

The advanced technology of Mitsubishi Electric’s solutions, both in terms of performance and safety, and the maximum competence in 3DSOLID’s design, guarantee the system a winning mix of performances; which ones? First of all, high productivity thanks to a processing cycle divided into two phases: the first phase involves the production of the templates, while in the second, the template is coupled with the side strap. This division guarantees a production of 120 surgical templates per minute, or 57.600 units a day during 8 working hours. Flexibility and precision are two other important advantages of this solution by 3DSOLID and Mitsubishi Electric; with the lateral welding of the tissue, it is possible to define an accordion geometry allowing to adapt the mask to the shape of the face and therefore to the individual needs of the end user. Finally, a system of this kind can only guarantee the maximum quality of the product; the possibility to weld up to four different layers allows the creation of masks able to guarantee different functions, including filtering, protection, durability and water resistance, making Covid-19 less scary.