Monday, 18 Marzo 2019

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Optimized bending production

Just in time for the EuroBLECH, AICON 3D Systems launches version 3.1 of the software platform BendingStudio. Especially user-friendliness was revised. Interconnected work at different workstations becomes even more efficient. The module DATA SERVICE is more transparent: Connections to other workstations are visibly displayed. The user sees network problems immediately and can directly restore the network connection. Furthermore, currently used components are marked in the selection lists. They are displayed in a separate info box; a lock symbol shows all connected operators who is actually working with the component. Applying the BendingStudio NETWORK SERVICE, users can store their data on a central server and still use them for measurements. Measurement results for the respective components are directly transmitted to the server. The software module ASSEMBLY is designed more user-friendly. It is applied to check holders and extensions with the help of AICON adapters. A wizard guides the operator through the configuration of the measuring adapters, which is clearly explained by means of pictograms. Based on a drawing, the target data of extensions can be gradually transmitted into the BendingStudio software. If all test criteria are already available in the component’s coordinate system, the implementation is reduced to just a few clicks. In the BendingStudio basic version, the ADVANCED BACKUP SERVICE was revised. It allows a complete data backup via timing or manual trigger. Older backups are not overwritten. In case of data recovery, the required version can be chosen via time information.

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Highly precise 3D digitization

aicon17With the new scanner line PrimeScan, AICON 3D Systems provides an attractive entry-level solution for highly precise 3D digitization of industrial components. The PrimeScan is an entirely new development. It works with the renowned AICON OptoCat software, and thus uses the same algorithms for fast creation of highly precise point clouds with highest data quality as the high-end scanner lines StereoScan and SmartScan. The PrimeScan has a compact design: the base area equals a DIN A4 sheet, and the scanner weighs only 3 kg. The working distance is short. Thus, it is suitable as desktop solution and for applications under cramped spatial conditions in industrial surroundings. Measuring fields between 50 mm and 1,000 mm are available. Hence, every component size can be optimally captured. Depending on the required resolution and precision, different camera resolutions are available: two, five or eight megapixel. The PrimeScan is equipped with either blue-light-technology for industrial applications or white-light-technology for scanning with additional color information. The particularly powerful projector allows for the scanning of glossy and dark surfaces without pretreatment. Carl-Thomas Schneider, Managing Director of AICON, highlights: “With the PrimeScan, we offer the perfect device for every application area. 24 fixed configurations with different resolutions and measuring fields are available. There is exactly the right solution for every measuring task”. Tripods, turntables and photogrammetry are available as accessories to carry out automated measurements and to easier capture even large volumes. 

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A new partner of the Tube Innovation Days

aicon16Since summer 2015, AICON 3D Systems is a partner of Tube Innovation Days, a network of eleven top technology partners from the areas of tube manufacturing and tube processing. Regular in-house trade fairs offer visitors the chance to get detailed advice and to test machines. Roll forming, welding, pickling, straightening, testing, sawing, bending, measuring, transporting, warehouse logistics and cooling lubricants – Tube Innovation Days are integral partners who represent the whole process chain. They offer customized solutions for particular applications, made in Germany. AICON complements the range of services by the field of measurement. The 3D metrology systems offer innovative and efficient solutions for high-precision quality assurance and control, production monitoring, and serial production. The demand for ever more cost-effective serial production as well as the increasingly stringent requirements for product quality are constant challenges in today’s industry. For 20 years, AICON’s optical tube measurement systems have been standing for efficient quality control of bent tubes and wires. Highly precise and fast measurement, programmable optical gauges, automated setup and correction of bending machines, reverse engineering of sample tubes, prototyping, initial sample testing, automatic 100 % inspection – these are only some of the various application areas of TubeInspect. The next Tube Innovation Days take place in the USA on November 12 and 13. The bending machine manufacturer WAFIOS invites customers and interested parties to the Technical Center in Mokena/Illinois. Visitors profit from one-stop advice and have the chance to test various technologies, from both WAFIOS and the other network partners. 

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News languages and more advantages

aicon15Microsoft® Windows® 10 is on the market since the end of July 2015. To make the AICON 3D Studio fit for the future, AICON has adapted the software to the altered requirements of the Windows® release. The new software is Windows® 10-compliant. The newly released version 11 features a clearer and more flexible layout. Furthermore, it has a lot of application-oriented features: extended configurability, even better adaptability to the measuring task or users’ practice, new ways of visualizing deformations, broader analyses, and the introduction of the universal Move6D positioning tool. All language versions of the AICON 3D Studio version 11 were fundamentally revised: German, English, Italian, French, and Japanese. Additionally, new languages are available: Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Polish. Now, the operator can choose between nine up-to-date language versions.  

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Available in eight languages

aicon14Metrology specialist AICON 3D Systems extends its website As of now, the information about AICON and their optical 3D measuring systems is available in eight languages. Besides English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, the Portuguese and Polish websites are online since September 25, 2015. With these new language versions, the company aims to address directly even more customers worldwide and to inform them in their mother tongue – a vital component for growth and good service. AICON’s global network keeps growing and actually includes sites in the USA, China and Korea, offices in Poland, England and Italy as well as worldwide sales partners. This supports their expanding global operations and their active engagement with international customers. The renowned layout of the website will remain. Visitors will quickly find news, events and information about the company and their products and always stay up to date. 

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New precision lens for optical measurement systems

aicon13The optical 3D coordinate measuring machine DPA is equipped with a new high performance lens: the AICON metric lens. The lens body has been mechanically modified to fit the DPA, stabilized and tuned for precision. The new lens allows even more precise measurements than before – that is what the name AICON metric lens stands for. The new lens was tested according to the standardized VDI test 2634 at AICON to guarantee the required accuracies and to verify improvements. Even with the new lens, the DPA cameras are pre-calibrated before delivery to the customer. The user is provided important parameters with the supply, to ensure the best performance and accuracy possible. AICON constantly strives to increase its systems’ accuracy, and also to improve the entire systems. The company has implemented the VDI standard 2634. All Systems and new components are tested according to this standard. In order to offer the ideal equipment, AICON constantly checks new accessories available on the market. A close co-operation with the manufacturers is very important to optimize modifications or component change. Besides the DPA, even the measuring system scanreference is equipped with the new lens. AICONs DPA works with a handheld digital camera as acquisition device. It is the most mobile and adjustable optical 3D coordinate measuring machine available on the market, and measures objects of any size right on-site. DPA is part of the modular product line MoveInspect Technology and can be adapted to any individual measuring task. 

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Measure the advantage

aicon12Optical, camera-based 3D metrology has become a standard in many industrial areas. Far more than 4,000 of the installed 3D measuring systems worldwide come from AICON 3D Systems. For 25 years now, the company has developed, manufactured and supplied 3D metrology for various applications. “In the first place, we wanted to name our company ICON. That sounded fitting, as the word means “image” in Greek. Because of trademark issues, it wasn’t possible; an image processing company already carried that name. However, we liked the sound of the word. We simply put an A in front: AICON. The sound is the same, and it has an advantage: we are always on top in alphabetic company lists”. This is how Dr.-Ing. Carl-Thomas Schneider and Dr.-Ing. Werner Bösemann summarize the start of their company. In 1990, they jointly founded the AICON 3D Systems GmbH, initially a Spin-Off from Volkswagen Research and Technical University Braunschweig. The business incubator “Technologiepark Braunschweig” provided ideal conditions - AICON was growing fast. In 2003, the company moved to their own buildings in the Northwest of Braunschweig. In order to meet the increasing company requirements in metrology, AICON took over the scanner manufacturer Breuckmann in 2012. The joint product portfolio includes innovative solutions for universal applications: portable coordinate measuring machines for universal applications, specialized optical measuring technology for vehicle testing and tube manufacturing, as well as white light scanners for contact-free surface measurement of objects. AICON’s list of customers includes renowned automotive manufacturers, companies from aerospace industry and mechanical engineering as well as research facilities and universities.

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News for bending production

aicon11Three years after the successful launch, AICONs BendingStudio comes up with a new version. BendingStudio 2.0 offers many new features, which facilitate daily work in bending production. The main innovation is “data service”. If BendingStudio is installed on several workstations, interconnected users benefit from a shared access to the same stored content. Users at the shop floor or in the office can create, call up, or even modify component data and inspection plans. This optimizes work processes: The planning process can be physically separated from production, so that operation there is not disturbed or interrupted. That saves time and money. On top of this, data organization has been completely revised: Content is now arranged in tree structure, i.e. in thematic groups with up to four subfolders, which guarantees for a better and clearer survey. Another new module is “CAD Reverse Engineering”. A component’s bending data are automatically derived from CAD, and a bending program is created. Users simply upload their IGES or STEP data into the software, which are then displayed in the program. The bent part can be extracted, and a complete bending program is provided within only a few minutes. The element “BD Freeform” is a new correction strategy for bend in bend and bends with correctable radii. For this, the user selects a freeform-gauge inspection. The optical measuring system TubeInspect captures tubes with freeform bends within seconds, and the program calculates the corresponding correction data.

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Breuckmann becomes AICON

aicon9AICON 3D Systems GmbH has completed the acquisition of Breuckmann GmbH through merger with effect from 1 May, 2015. The site of the former Breuckmann GmbH in Meersburg on Lake Constance will be continued as “Scanner Innovation Center” of AICON 3D Systems GmbH. In August 2012 already, AICON 3D Systems GmbH acquired 100% of the shares of Breuckmann GmbH and first continued it as wholly-owned subsidiary. Since then, all development, manufacturing, sales and administrative processes were brought together to act as a single unit. Based on this, the final step was to merge Breuckmann GmbH into AICON 3D Systems GmbH. This strengthens the company’s position on the market, says AICON’s managing director Carl-Thomas Schneider: “The merger with Breuckmann is both the end of an extensive reorganization and the start into a promising future. Most important for us was to take our employees along this way. We have managed this. The colleagues in Braunschweig and Meersburg work together in great teams. This brings along valuable synergies”. Through the acquisition of the scanner manufacturer, AICON 3D Systems GmbH has broadened its product range and now operates as full-range supplier of 3D metrology systems. The portfolio includes AICON’s portable coordinate measuring machines for universal applications, specialized optical measurement systems for vehicle safety and tube manufacturing as well as 3D scanners for contact-free surface measurement of objects. In some new developments, AICON has already merged the companies’ technologies.

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The new dimension in fringe projection

aicon8Fast and highly precise capturing of complex surface structures – the high-end white light scanner stereoSCAN performs it. Now, however, here comes a scanner hat is able to accomplish much more: the new stereoSCAN neo offers a unique technology, which extends the options of present scanning many times over. The stereoSCAN neo is a consistent further development of the classic stereoSCAN system series. Previously, the fringe projection was highly dependent on the surface properties of the scanning object. The color and reflection properties of the surface significantly effected the quality of the measurement results. This is where the digital adaptive full color projection technique of the stereoSCAN neo provides the necessary rectification by using color and intensity control to optimally adjust to surface properties. With the principle “See What You Measure“, AICON consistently continues its innovation strategy. For the first time, it is now possible to visualize the results of a measurement directly on the object. The adaptive full color projection technique enables not only projection of the color patterns which are necessary for the scanning process onto the object, but also of the measurement results. This allows for the deviations from the CAD to be visualized in color immediately following the measurement on the object surface. This procedure provides the user with totally new possibilities during workflow. In the tooling and molding industry or in the context of model making, deviations of the component surface can be measured and visualized quickly and precisely by using the SWYM technology. Based on the projected deviation images, corrections on the object can be made promptly. Even deviations in the context of inspection tasks can be made visible and rectified right away. Equipped as 8 or 12 megapixel digital camera versions, the stereoSCAN neo provides the best arrangement required for the maximum degree of detail for the object acquisition process. By changing the camera lenses and the base length, measurement fields of 75 mm up to 1,100 mm can be captured. 

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