Monday, 18 Marzo 2019

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Fluid technology for agricultural machinery & co.

VOSS Fluid will be presenting its extensive range of ready-to-install hydraulic lines plus accessories for demanding applications in agricultural machinery at the agricultural trade fair SIMA in Paris for the first time. All metal components feature the standard zinc-nickel VOSS coat coating. This makes the products exceptionally corrosion-resistant and thereby ideal for application in the agricultural sector. At the trade fair, visitors can also get informed about solutions from VOSS for pollution reduction of exhaust gases. At SIMA, at the end of February 2017, the company will present how agricultural machinery manufacturers can meet these demands with high-grade hydraulic components. The company will present itself in Paris as a consultative system provider, a single-source provider with a comprehensive selection of elements for hydraulic components. The diversified range of products includes pipe and hose lines, hose fittings, tube screws and accessories. All metallic VOSS elements are provided with the standard VOSS coat, a zinc-nickel coating. This makes components exceptionally corrosion-resistant and durable, even to aggressive liquid fertilizers. At SIMA, VOSS Fluid will present the metallic seal cutting ring VOSSRingM, made specifically for mobile application, which was brought onto the market last year. In combination with the VOSSRing pre-assembly mandrel, leak-tight connection with easy final assembly is guaranteed. The VOSSRingM is designed for the highest pressure and dynamic loads up to 800 bar.

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Celebrated the 15th birthday

At the end of 2016 VOSSFormSQR, the tube coupling system from VOSS Fluid, celebrated its fifteenth market anniversary – without a single known system leak. Its unique functional principle and process-reliable handling are the guarantors of this success. The forming system forms a 24° contour on a commercially available hydraulic tube and thus ensures a high quality connection. On its 15th birthday, VOSSFormSQR from Wipperfürth looks as fresh as the day it first appeared and is ideally positioned for the future due to its convincing results. High pressure peaks or vibrations are a particular challenge for classical hydraulic connections with cutting rings. The VOSSFormSQR tube coupling system has therefore proven itself over fifteen years in mobile work machines, shipbuilding and in the mining industry. Its installation-friendly design and specialized structure ensure a secure and permanently leak-proof coupling, even under extreme conditions. VOSSFormSQR consists of three components: a standard nut with molded seal made of FKM/FPM, a standard connector and a cold-formed 24° tube contour at the end of the hydraulic tube that is to be connected. Since the system has been on the market, VOSS Fluid has sold several million SQR-function nuts and has had no complaints due to functional failure. The fitter fabricates the tube contour with the VOSSForm 100 forming machine. This is supplemented by a soft seal and the special SQR-function nuts. The SQR-function nuts with integrated clamping ring radially clamp the tube on the circumference, relieving the transition between the formed contour and the tube. This increases the tolerance with respect to dynamic loads. With the metallic seal and the additional soft seal, VOSSFormSQR provides double protection against leaks. This makes the system attractive for a wide range of applications.

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Hydraulic systems for maximum process reliability

VOSS Fluid, international supplier of fluids technology, presents its product range for efficient solutions in the construction equipment industry at bauma China. One highlight at the trade fair is the VOSSFormSQR System that particularly meets the maximum requirements. The forming system forms a contour in record time on a commercially available hydraulic tube and thus ensures a high quality connection. Users profit from increased process reliability and leak protection and in this way increase their competitive edge. In addition the Type 90 Comfort preassembly device for series production assembly of cutting rings and the special VOSS coat corrosion protection take center stage at the leading Asian trade fair for construction equipment. The VOSSFormSQR tube coupling system, in combination with the VOSSForm 100 forming machine, sets new benchmarks for the safety, quality and efficiency of hydraulic connections. Through its easy to install design the system impresses with permanent freedom from leaks. During forming a 24° tube contour is formed on the end of a hydraulic tube. This is supplemented by a soft seal and the special SQR-function nuts. The result is that VOSSFormSQR offers an additional protection from leaks. The machine is operated by simply inserting the end of the tube against the stop plate. When using this operating concept installation errors are almost completely prevented.

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Speed and process reliability

voss 01VOSS Fluid presents a new preassembly device for series assembly of cutting rings on steel and stainless steel tubes on the market: the Type 90 Comfort. The machine provides the highest degree of process reliability at unsurpassed, fast cycle times. The new preassembly device provides a huge safety bonus by combining automated operating and handling processes along with reliable error detection. The mechanic only needs to set up the preassembly device with the tube to be processed along with the correct, wear-resistant VOSS tool and start the preassembly process. From this point, the Type 90 Comfort independently takes care of all other tasks. The latest technology is used for automatic identification of objects: the preassembly device’s piston has an RFID reader and all tools are equipped with an RFID chip. As soon as the machine is set up, it reads the tool chip and sets the required operating pressure. The pressure and path-dependent preassembly then starts immediately. That means every mechanic can achieve a precise and consistently reproducible result with ease. The high degree of automation effectively prevents operator errors even during constant tool changes. The only conceivable problem would be incorrect machine setup. But in these cases the integrated error detection immediately intervenes: the preassembly device reliably detects all every possible defect - for instance an incorrectly positioned or missing cutting ring - and promptly indicates this on the display. Accidentally overlooking a warning is made impossible. The mechanic has to manually acknowledge the information to be able to continue the manufacturing process. The result is a maximum of process reliability in serial cutting-ring preassembly.

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More expertise - fewer errors

voss fluid 01Tube connection components in stationary and mobile hydraulics are safety-relevant components. In-depth theoretical and practical expertise on their application are the prerequisite for mechanics, maintenance technicians and maintenance supervisors as well as for technicians from design, development and quality assurance. The connection technology specialist Voss Fluid offers highly individualized service and training courses exactly for these application groups. The training contents are specially customized by the Voss Fluid trainers for the needs, desires and requirements of the participants. With tangible success: fewer errors, leaks and complaints along with faster and better handling are the focus of the mechanics’ training courses. Depending on the main training priorities, the maintenance technicians and constructors attain an in-depth overview of the market, study standards, regulations and the potential applications of the systems while gaining insights into the cost structures. All the courses are completed with a certificate. On top of that, the users can have their existing pre-assembly devices, tools and auxiliary equipment checked out. The training and qualification of the customer’s employees is a decisive pillar in Voss application consulting.  

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