Monday, 18 Febbraio 2019

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Versatile new range of saws for workshops

KASTO has brought out the KASTOmicut range of highly versatile swing-frame band saws for use in workshops. The machines are specially designed for cutting tubes, sections and solid materials to length and for mitre cutting. They feature high cutting accuracy and cutting quality, plus excellent value for money. Users can choose among four model variants depending on the features required. The KASTOmicut series is the successor to the KASTOpractical and KASTOfunctional series. The band saws have a cutting range of 260 mm for round stock and 310 x 260 mm for flat stock. Mitre cuts are possible from -45 to +60 degrees. The mitre angle is continuously adjustable, as is the cutting speed, which can be set from 20 to 120 metres per minute. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for users and allows work with many different materials. A torsionally rigid, vibration-damped cast iron frame provides extremely good support for the saw blade, ensuring excellent cutting quality even with difficult-to-cut materials. With its cutting accuracy of 0.1 mm per 100 mm of material height, the KASTOmicut is extremely precise. The shortest possible cutting length is only 6 mm, and with a residual length of 15 mm for individual cut-off pieces (and 40 mm for automatic operation) users can make maximum use of their material. A highly efficient spur gear mechanism provides top performance and the sophisticated design ensures a constant cutting force for excellent results with all materials. Other advantages include compact dimensions and high accessibility: the saw can be easily picked up by a lift truck or forklift and positioned as needed.

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