Tuesday, 19 Settembre 2017
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Riflettori puntati sulla saldatura laser delle materie plastiche

In campo industriale, si incominciano a utilizzare in maniera sempre più generalizzata componenti dal peso ridotto realizzati in materie plastiche. Per la loro produzione si ricorre, in misura crescente, alla tecnologia di saldatura laser. In questo ambito, ROFIN propone il sistema laser MPS, che appartiene a una famiglia di workstation con pacchetti integrativi su misura realizzati espressamente per la saldatura dei polimeri.

di Laura Alberelli

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Femtosecond laser solution with hybrid MOPA technology

  • Pubblicato in Taglio

Rofin has developed the next generation USP laser platform using over a decade of comprehensive ultrashort pulse application experience. The StarFemto solution achieves excellent results in high-precision cutting, surface structuring, drilling and marking of almost any kind of material without any thermal damage.

by Sara Rota

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True real-time monitoring of perforation hole

Rofin5ROFIN - worldwide market leader for laser-optimized flexible packaging, co-operates with major packaging converters to design new laser applications and systems tailored for this important market. The emphasis in ROFIN's current activities is on individual optimization of Modified Atmosphere Packaging films and complete perforation quality assurance. ROFIN’s VisionPerfoControl is the true real-time monitoring of perforation quality. Until now it has been difficult to monitor and ensure that micro holes of consistent quality and diameter have been laser perforated. Typically these holes have diameters less than 120 microns while the packaging film moves with some 100-400 m/min. ROFIN is the first supplier to offer true real-time monitoring of perforation hole diameter and percentage roundness with the VisionPerfoControl. Each laser perforation head will be fitted with a camera and the output of each camera is processed using pattern recognition software to record accurately the dimensions of the holes. This allows for validation of the micro perforation process and eliminates the possibility of incorrect set up (e.g. focus error) from spoiling the output from the perforation system. Furthermore, the recorded data documents 100% perforation quality of the processed material. VisionPerfoControl - ROFINs high precision monitoring system for laser micro-perforated holes in transparent films.  

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Celebrated the 40th company’s anniversary

The Swiss company Lasag AG was founded on March 4th, 1974 as a whollyowned subsidiary of Asuag, (Allgemeine Schweizerische Uhren AG), to manufacture lasers for drilling watch jewels. Since then the company has sold more than 4,000 lasers to around 1,500 customers worldwide. Lasag AG has belonged to the Swatch Group since 1998, before the company based on Lake Thun became a member of the Rofin Group in October 2010, thereby gaining access to its global sales and service network, as well as the internal Rofin technology pool. In June of this year, RofinLasag AG celebrated the 40th company’s anniversary with three separate celebrations. As well as customers and suppliers, guests from politics, science, employees and their families all came together at various events. Said Andreas Ewald, Managing Director of Rofinlasag AG: “In its 40 years history, Lasag has repeatedly helped to shape the technological change. Because the change from lamppumped laser sources to fibre laser sources went well, we can now also continue to forge ahead with our process development in the area of ultrashort pulse laser technology thanks to the possibilities in the Rofin Group”.

Novembre-Dicembre 2014

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In the Spotlight New Products and System Generations

Rofin proposes laser sources, systems and complete solutions for the whole range of industrial laser material processing applications, in widely varying industries. During Lasys held in Stuttgart on last June, the laser specialist presented an array of new products and system generations. Starting from perfected practice-oriented complete solutions, through even higher performance, integration-optimized laser sources, through to a broad spectrum of ultrashort pulse and short pulse laser systems.

by Elisabetta Brendano

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Concentrated Laser Expertise in Medical Device Manufacturing

Rofin is the only world-wide operating laser maker who covers all areas of laser material processing in medical device manufacturing. At Medtec Europe 2014, the laser manufacturer showcases the next generation human machine interface for the market-leading 4-axis laser cutting system StarCut Tube and the entirely revised CNC laser welder Select.

by Susanne Lötzsch

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Back Sourcing of Laser Material Processing Helps to Stay Ahead of Competition

Bernhard Fischbacher, Tobias Telser and Paul Heilmann were visiting a fair to catch up on laser marking systems when the staff at Rofin made a surprising offer. The managing directors of DHF Precision Mechanics GmbH were invited to take a seat in front of the manual laser welding system Performance and weld some parts by themselves; an experience, which caused the three DHF managers to re-think their investment agenda.

by Petra Fischer-Speck

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A new level of laser material processing

At Medtec Europe ROFIN showcased new fiber and ultrashort-pulse lasers alongside improved turnkey solutions. Medical device manufacturers all over the world have successfully been working with ROFIN's femtosecond laser systems for more than three years now, providing a unique wealth of experience. Rofin also presented the latest models of their standard systems for cutting, marking and welding.

by Ginevra Leonardi

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“CO2 e fibra, per noi sono complementari”

Lo sviluppo di sistemi laser che utilizzano le tecnologie più innovative non deve portare a trascurare le tecnologie più consolidate. È questo uno dei capisaldi della filosofia di Rofin, all’avanguardia negli ambiti delle sorgenti laser CO2 e in fibra, ma anche nel campo dei sistemi laser per le microlavorazioni, tra cui ultimamente si sono aggiunte quelle che si effettuano con i laser  a femtosecondi. L’incontro con Stefano Draghi, amministratore delegato di Rofin Baasel Italiana, si è rivelato un’occasione interessante per parlare dell’evoluzione delle sorgenti laser, delle ultime novità presentate dall’azienda, dei prodotti in cantiere per il 2012, ma anche dell’andamento del mercato nel settore. Con un’attenzione particolare rivolta alle sorgenti laser in fibra.

di Fabrizio Garnero e Franco Parrino

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