Sunday, 21 Ottobre 2018
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An Increase in Production for 2015

Laserdyne4Prima Power Laserdyne announced that it will significantly increase production of its LASERDYNE 430BD laser systems in 2015 as a result of recent sales of the new system and of buying interest generated at the IMTS (USA) and EuroBLECH (Europe) exhibitions over the past two months. “When Laserdyne saw the increasing serious interest in our new 430BD system and the possibility that this could result in longer lead times, we began planning for an increase in our production capacity,” reported Mark Barry, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Prima Power Laserdyne. “Historically, Laserdyne has been able to offer short lead times for all our standard built laser systems. We developed this strategy to reduce delivery times over 30 years ago when most laser systems were custom designed and had long lead times.” What has attracted interest in the LASERDYNE 430BD system is that it is capable of cutting, welding and drilling of 2D and 3D component parts requiring exacting precision at an affordable cost. The 430BD offers users great flexibility and options with multiple configurations for processing parts in various market segments requiring manufacturing flexibility, rapid prototyping and quick change overs.  

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To increase Processes Capabilities

The Chinese company Chaoyu Technology will use the Prima Power Laserdyne six-axis 430BD fiber laser system to manage precision weld, drill and cut 2D and 3D stainless steel micro electrical components. The machine will augment Chaoyu Technology’s existing welding capabilities that include a 60W QCW fiber laser used for welding.

by Laura Alberelli

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New 430BD Fiber Laser System

Laserdyne3Prima Power Laserdyne, the world leader in precision multi-axis laser machining systems, announced that It has finalized an order with Chaoyu Technology Co., Ltd. of Beijing China for its new six-axis 430BD fiber laser system. Founded in 1957, Chaoyu Technology is a global leader in the design and manufacture of precision micro electrical components used in a wide range of industries from communication assemblies to electronic applications. The newly acquired LASERDYNE 430 will be used by Chaoyu Technology to precision weld, drill and cut 2D and 3D stainless steel micro electrical components. It will augment Chaoyu Technology’s existing welding capabilities that include a 60 W QCW fiber laser used for welding. “By choosing the LASERDYNE 430BD system, Chaoyu Technology is making a breakthrough with its laser processing capabilities,” reported Mr. Liu Chao, vice president. “The purchase is one of the most important capital investments in 2014 for Chaoyu Technology and it demonstrates the will of our company to grow especially in Asian markets.” “We are especially pleased with Chaoyu Technology’s order for a LASERDYNE 430 series system”, stated Mr. Terry VanderWert, President of Prima Power Laserdyne. “This is the first order for the new 430 system from a China-based customer in a market that has long been served with other Laserdyne multi-axis systems. Increasingly, manufacturers requiring precision components are finding it advantageous to invest in the best manufacturing technology available and that more often means LASERDYNE laser system technology. Laserdyne was one of the first system providers to offer fiber laser technology to our customers. We have found it initially very effective not only for precision cutting but also for welding and drilling.” "Chaoyu Technology will be utilizing the full array of LASERDYNE hardware and software features integrated with the latest high power fiber laser,” Mr. VanderWert reported. “Highly efficient fiber lasers provide both operational advantages as well as key technical features associated with the small focused beam diameter, high beam quality, and responsiveness.

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La “tenuta meccanica” è saldata al laser

Prima Power Laserdyne, nome di spicco nel panorama mondiale dei sistemi di lavorazione laser multi-asse di precisione, ha di recente annunciato che Fluiten Italia SpA di Milano, specializzata nella progettazione e produzione di un'ampia gamma di tenute meccaniche utilizzate in applicazioni che vanno dall'energia al trattamento chimico, ha installato un innovativo sistema Laserdyne 430 a quattro assi equipaggiato con laser in fibra.

di Lorenzo Benarrivato

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Più precisione, meno consumi

Nove sistemi laser acquistati negli ultimi dieci anni sono la dimostrazione della fiducia di cui Prima Power Laserdyne gode presso Ace Precision, azienda specializzata nella lavorazione di parti metalliche. Tra gli ultimi prodotti acquistati ci sono due sistemi multi-asse per il taglio laser della serie Laserdyne 795 XL, con testa BeamDirector®, che assicurano grande flessibilità e precisione nella produzione, tra l’altro, di camere di combustione, plenum di turbine, alloggiamenti per compressori e condotti di scarico.

di Cesare Pizzorno

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