Saturday, 20 Gennaio 2018
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10.000 w per lavorazioni industriali pesanti

Il nuovo laser in fibra da 10 kW HighLight FL10000 combina innovazione e affidabilità, garantendo al tempo stesso una maggiore produttività nella lavorazione dei materiali metallici.

di Fabrizio Garnero

Settembre-Ottobre 2017

Il nuovo laser in fibra da 10 kW di Coherent - Rofin è stato presentato a Monaco durante l’edizione dello scorso giugno di Laser World of Photonics come parte della famiglia di prodotti HighLight. Fra i prodotti appartenenti a questa gamma si possono annoverare laser in fibra ad alta potenza, laser a diodi diretti e laser a diodi accoppiati in fibra, che combinano innovazione e affidabilità in una serie di soluzioni per applicazioni industriali destinate al trattamento dei materiali.
I laser HighLight beneficiano di una organizzazione produttiva integrata e verticalizzata che Coherent ha predisposto al fine di garantire che il prodotto abbia un alto livello di qualità ed elevate prestazioni. I design modulari della famiglia di prodotti HighLight combinano le migliori caratteristiche provenienti da tutti i centri di eccellenza tecnologica Coherent.

Ideale per la lavorazione della lamiera e dei tubi
Il nuovo HighLight FL10000 combina l’output di quattro moduli laser singoli da 2,5 kW in un’unica fibra di uscita, arrivando a una resa totale di 10 kW. I diametri della fibra di uscita per questo laser da 10 kW spaziano da 150 µm (BPP ≤ 4.5 mm x mrad) a 1 mm. Il funzionamento è a onda continua (CW) oppure a impulsi, con ripetibilità fino a 5 kHz. Queste caratteristiche di resa rendono l’HighLight FL10000 un abbinamento ideale per la lavorazione della lamiera e dei tubi nelle applicazioni per macchine utensili, automotive, energia e tutta una vasta gamma di altre applicazioni industriali pesanti. L’HighLight FL10000 fornisce la giusta potenza e le migliori caratteristiche del fascio per tagliare, saldare e trattare superficialmente un’ampia varietà di materiali metallici ad alto rendimento con elevati spessori.
Una gamma modulare
La modularità della serie HighLight FL permette ai produttori di macchine e sistemi (OEM) di adeguare i laser alle loro specifiche esigenze. A livello di sistema completo, la serie FL prevede la possibilità di scegliere fino a quattro diverse fibre di uscita; ciò consente di condividere la sorgente facilitandone l’integrazione in più postazioni di lavoro o sistemi robotizzati. L’interfaccia di controllo è compatibile con gli standard industriali. Per le applicazioni più complesse, la serie HighLight FL offre diversi vantaggi pratici. Per esempio, questi laser sono immuni dal cosiddetto back reflections il che permette di lavorare materiali altamente riflettenti come ottone e rame. Inoltre, il sofisticato controllo di potenza a circuito chiuso fornisce una stabilità a lungo termine e un’elevata affidabilità di processo. I prodotti della serie HighLight FL sono versatili: la combinazione di diversi livelli di potenza (1-10 kW) e la vasta gamma di diametri del nucleo della fibra permettono un adattamento preciso in svariate attività di lavorazione.

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New Green Nanosecond Lasers

CoherentX23Coherent, Inc. has expanded their AVIA family of lasers with new models having green output, and which offer an unmatched combination of power, reliability and compact size for a range of precision materials processing applications. The new AVIA NX products are q-switched, diode-pumped, solid-state lasers that deliver up to 65W of average power at 532 nm from a laser head that measures less than two feet (587 mm) in length. Together with the excellent beam characteristics of the AVIA NX (M²<1.3), this high power creates increased throughput in cutting, drilling, marking and scribing applications. The extraordinary performance and reduced footprint has been accomplished through an advanced, high efficiency optical pumping approach, as well as by employing the latest microelectronics miniaturization technology. Reliability has been designed into AVIA NX lasers through the use of Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) protocols, which identify failure mechanisms so that they can be designed out. Individual production units are tested using Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) methods. This stringent testing protocol identifies and eliminates any potential reliability issues with the product prior to shipment, without decreasing their useful life. AVIA NX lasers are ideal for a wide range of precision processing tasks in microelectronics and solar cell manufacturing. These include cutting and drilling of thin foils and flex materials, silicon micromachining, 3D chip package manufacturing, IC package trimming, ink jet nozzle drilling and solar cell scribing and drilling.

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Single Mode Fiber Coupler

Coherent22A new opto-mechanical tool for coupling light into single-mode fiber optics from Siskiyou Corporation offers a unique combination of high precision adjustment in a very compact package. Specifically, Siskiyou single-mode fiber couplers incorporate optics for focusing laser light into a FC connectorized single-mode fiber optic, together with tip/tilt mechanical adjustment to permit accurate positioning of the focused beam with respect to the fiber end. The use of ultra-high resolution, differential adjusters (2.75 arc-second movement per 5° adjuster rotation), together with a mechanical design that decouples tip/tilt adjustment from focus, delivers the precision necessary to achieve optimum coupling efficiency into single-mode fibers in a very small volume. Alternately, the system can be used in reverse for high precision collimation of single-mode fiber output. Siskiyou single-mode fiber optic couplers will be useful for researchers and instrument builders who wish to couple laser output into single-mode fibers, or to produce small focused spots and collimated beams in a minimum of space. The fiber optic coupler can also be easily integrated with Siskiyou beamsplitter modules, enabling entire multi-beam optical assemblies to be built in completely sealed configurations.  

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New Diode Lasers

Coherent21Coherent Inc. has expanded its offering of high power diode laser components for medical applications with new high performance products at 1060 nm and 1470 nm. Leveraging Coherent’s vertically integrated semiconductor manufacturing line, these products achieve new benchmarks in performance while ensuring superior batch-to-batch consistency and overall quality. At 1470 nm, Coherent introduces a low-fill factor 35W CW rated bar, ideal for fiber coupling and optical beam combining, as well as direct applications. The primary uses for this product are in surgical and aesthetic medical applications, including urology, lithotripsy, BPH treatment, vascular surgery, endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), skin rejuvenation, and acne treatment. The commercial availability of a 1470 nm bar now at 35W enables more effective procedures and, for particularly high power applications, provides a pathway to lower-cost system architectures. At 1060 nm, Coherent now offers 100W bars and low-fill factor 40W bars. Primary uses include surgical and hair removal applications. The 40W bars are ideal for applications requiring optical beam combining or fiber delivery, while the 100W bars provide a cost-effective pathway to high power applications such as kW-level hair removal stacks. 

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New Economical Femtosecond Laser for Micromachining

Coherent20The new Rapid FX from Coherent, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) (Nasdaq: COHR) is a cost effective femtosecond laser solution for high precision micromachining of metal, glass, sapphire, ceramic and other dielectric materials. Specifically, this solid-state laser delivers just 900 fs pulsewidths, with a pulse energy of up to 100 µJ, at a repetition rate of 100 kHz (with optional operation at up to 200 kHz). Together with its high beam quality (M²<1.4) and pulse-on-demand operation, Rapid FX's high energy femtosecond pulses enable the production of micron scale features, with virtually no heat affected zone, without any sacrifice in processing speed. These processing characteristics, combined with the low initial purchase price and superior reliability of the Rapid FX, make it an economical choice for a variety of industrial applications which require high uptime and consistent performance. Typical examples include drilling holes in automotive fuel injector nozzles, glass and sapphire scribing for display and smartphone manufacture, and precision structuring of medical implants. While Coherent’s portfolio of picosecond and nanosecond lasers offers many compelling application advantages, the new Rapid FX femtosecond laser offers improved dimensional accuracy and an expanded process window.  

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Femtosecond Laser

The new Monaco from Coherent, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) is a femtosecond laser designed from the ground up to provide flexible performance and high reliability, all at a market enabling price point. Specifically, the Monaco is a closed, one box system that combines a 1035 nm, solid-state oscillator together with an amplifier to yield a 40 µJ pulse energy at a repetition rate of 1 MHz (40W of average power), in pulsewidths of under 400 fs. In order to match its output to the precise requirements of the application, Monaco can easily be operated from single shot to its full repetition rate, and even adjusted to produce pulsewidths of >10 ps. The design, materials and manufacturing methods employed for the Monaco have all been optimized to deliver consistently high performance in 24/7, industrial operating environments. For example, all pump and amplifier optical components are contained in a single, sealed laser head which utilizes active cleaning to maintain output power and lifetime, as well as virtually eliminating the need for routine maintenance. The laser design itself has been iteratively optimized through the use of Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) protocols, and each production unit is subjected to Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) to ensure reliability. High peak power, femtosecond regime laser pulsewidths are well known to produce reduced heat affected zones (HAZ) and a lower ablation threshold as compared to longer pulsewidths, thus enabling high precision processing of a wide range of metal, semiconductor and organic materials. The unique combination of short pulsewidth and high repetition rate from the Monaco make it well matched for high speed, cost effective cutting of plastic and polymer thin films, silicon wafer scribing, and strengthened glass cutting. Monaco is especially useful for micromachining the inhomogeneous, composite substrates used in microelectronics fabrication. Monaco may also be configured to directly address ophthalmic applications, including LASIK flap cutting and cataract procedures.  

Novembre-Dicembre 2015

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Q-switched, green, pulsed lasers

Coherent19The new Revolution series of q-switched, green, pulsed lasers from Coherent, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) (Nasdaq: COHR) are the next-generation of the company’s market leading Evolution series, and offer higher power and other enhanced performance specifications, together with industrial-grade reliability. Specifically, Revolution lasers now provide average power up to 80W at a wavelength of 527 nm, with an excellent beam profile featuring an extremely smooth energy distribution. They also deliver pulse rate flexibility; the repetition rate can be smoothly adjusted from single shot to 10 kHz, with an additional option that extends pulse repetition rates up to 40 kHz. Simple integration into amplifier setups and industrial applications is supported by the compact packaging of the new Revolution design; all models feature the same 8.5" x 17" (216 mm x 432 mm) footprint. Revolution are diode-pumped Nd:YLF lasers, which utilize efficient intra-cavity frequency doubling to generate green output from the near-IR (1054 nm) fundamental. Like all other next-generation lasers from Coherent, the Revolution series are products of Coherent’s “Industrial Revolution” that combines cutting edge performance with industrial-grade reliability. Revolution design and manufacturing are based on Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing (HALT) and High Accelerated Stress Testing (HASS). As a world leader in the industrial laser market, Coherent is pioneering the incorporation of proven industrial manufacturing methods such as HALT/HASS screening into the scientific laser arena. For example, during production, every Revolution laser is subjected to multiple temperature cycles of -40°C to +60°C and vibration cycling up to 10 g as essential elements of Coherent’s stringent manufacturing quality and reliability verification protocols. Revolution lasers are ideal for pumping ultrafast amplifiers, both multipass and regenerative, based on Titanium:sapphire, and are already integrated as a standard system component within Coherent’s latest one-box amplifiers, the Astrella family. Revolution lasers are also well-suited for precision materials processing applications, such as semiconductor wafer annealing, that benefit from their high pulse energy and superior beam quality. 

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High Power Diode Laser System Deliver Faster Cladding and Heat Treating

Heat treating and cladding are used to improve the surface properties of metal parts in a wide range of industries. Over the past few years, laser based methods have often proven to deliver better results and reduced costs compared to traditional techniques. This article provides a brief overview of the benefits of high power, diode laser-based heat treating and cladding.

by Frank Gaebler, and Heiko Riedelsberger

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New StingRay Laser

The newest StingRay structured light generating laser from Coherent, Inc. offers up to 50 mW of output in the blue (450 nm), making it especially advantageous for machine vision applications based on 3D triangulation that involve darker materials. In particular, blue light offers higher reflectivity and increased contrast for a wide range of materials having a dark surface finish, including metals, carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRPs) and rubber. When combined with the unmatched line uniformity (±7.5%) and external focusing capability available with all StingRay series products, these advantages translate into increased measurement speed and improved dimensional accuracy in machine vision applications. This new StingRay laser has all the other important features found in longer wavelength StingRay predecessors, including “dynamic line balancing,” which enables straightforward correction of intensity variations in the projected line beam when the laser is used at off axis illumination angles. StingRay lasers also feature an internal “health monitor” that alerts the user to diode end of life, thus allowing for laser replacement to be performed at convenient times, rather than causing unexpected production downtime. Machine vision using 3D triangulation is employed for automated, non-contact inspection in a wide range of industries, including automotive production, microelectronics fabrication, food processing, and metal fabricating.  

Febbraio-Marzo 2015

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New Laser Beam Diagnostics Cameras

Coherent18The new LaserCam-HR II laser beam diagnostic cameras from Coherent, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) offer improved performance over the company’s original LaserCam-HR. They maintain complete hardware and software compatibility with older LaserCam products, thus simplifying integration for existing users in both production and laboratory settings. Improved performance in the LaserCam-HR II has been achieved through the use of newer CCD sensors (available in 1/2” and 2/3” formats) and advanced circuitry. Together, these lower the noise floor and allow an increase in the bit-depth of the image digitization process, enabling the dynamic range of the camera to be expanded by a full decade on the low light end. All this translates into more sensitive and accurate laser beam diameter measurements, especially those involving D4sigma and second moment calculations. The new LaserCam-HR II products all use Coherent’s popular BeamView software, which has been updated to incorporate drivers for both Windows 7 and Windows 8. This latest version of BeamView remains fully compatible with older Coherent cameras. Similar to Coherent’s previous cameras, the LaserCam-HR II cameras are USB 2 High Speed compatible, powered through their USB port.

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